Sport at Curledge Street

Sports Partnership
As part of our PE funding, Curledge Street Academy are proud to be involved in a sports partnership with Paignton Community and Sports Academy. This means that we are able to provide our children with amazing sports opportunities, regularly entering festivals and tournaments. As well as that, we are able to use expert teachers from the Sports College, who provide our children with high quality lessons for a whole afternoon every week. So far, 6RL have been taught handball, and 6JM hockey, which has contributed to our amazing victories in sports tournaments in these sports. All the children have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and have learnt a huge range of physical skills, as well as learning to play as a team. Next term, Phase 2 will be lucky enough to be taught in our own school by these skilled teachers, with Year 4 going up to PCSA the summer term.
Below are details of just some of the sports events we have entered so far this year:


Gymnastics Fun!!

A selection of Year 3 and 4 children recently took part in a gymnastics competition. The children had to do a variety of events, ranging from floor routines to parallel bars. Xylia Dumont and Chloe Gifford were particularly impressive, both scoring maximum marks in all the events, as did Kaiman Treavartha. All the Curledge Street competitors showed immense courage and skill to ensure Curledge Street finished in the silver medal position.

Well Done to all involved!!


Handball Victories!!
In other sports news, Year 3 and 4 children competed in a handball festival at Paignton Community and Sports Academy, which saw them finish as champions. Among others, excellent performances were made by Neo Kirwin-Babb, Ashlie Salmon and goalkeeper Mackenzie Boustead.  This meant that they qualified for the regional finals, where they impressively finished in second place. Congratulations to Neo-Kirwin Babb, Alice Portch-Bowers, Ashlie Salmon, Harvey Vesey-Farney, Mackenzie Boustead, Liam Brown and Ollie Johnstone.
The Year 6 handball team also competed in regional championships at Paignton Community and Sports Academy. All who took part excelled, which lead to another Curledge Street victory!!  In a competition that involved 6 schools, our A team won every game that they played!! Congratulations and Well Done to all involved!! Special mention must go to Ben Hackman, Ben Meyler, Ryan McCaskill and Heather James for excellent performances.


Winter Games Quicksticks Tournament
A group of year 5 and 6 children made the school very proud when they attended the Winter Games, eld at Torbay Leisure Centre. A team of 8 children competed in 16 hockey games in the space of 3 hours. Although some of them had not played before, we lost only 4 games, drawing 6 and winning 6!! In the 4 games they lost, only 1 of these saw more than one goal conceded through our solid defence, Josh Organ and Dylan Gidman. Excellent goals were scored by Charlotte Massey, Andrew Butcher, Beth Meakin-Johnson and Heather James. The children had only two 10 minute rest breaks across the three hours and should be commended for their excellent sportsmanship and behaviour. Well Done!!


Hockey Sensation
Children from year 5 and 6 also competed against other Paignton schools in a Hockey Tournament held at Paignton Community and Sports Academy last week. Two teams entered and played against other schools such as Oldway, Hayes and Preston. The teams were split into an A and B pools, both of which displayed excellent sportsmanship and did the school very proud. In an amazing performance, both A and B teams won ALL of their 6 matches, leading to a landslide victory for both groups. The A team saw outstanding performances by Ben Hackman, Abbie Cunliffe and Ryan McCaskill, who scored 12 goals between them. In the B team, special mention must go to Ryan Christer, Jackson Milford and Luke Southerdon, who were all very handy with a hockey stick!! Congratulations to all who took part and are the 2013 Hockey Champions!!
Years 3 and 4 will be entering the same competition for their age group next Thursday, so good luck to all taking part, we are sure they will do us proud!!

This year, we are extremely pleased to be able to provide longer swimming blocks. Children in Years 3 and 5 will now swim for blocks of 8 weeks. This will mean that they are able to learn a greater amount of skills, and grow in water confidence. The children will also be provided with a formal assessment at the end of their period of learning and will also get a certificate, both of which they will bring home.
Children in class 5DB have already completed their swimming sessions and have thoroughly enjoyed their time. It is safe to say that ALL of the children are now water confident!!
Most improved swimmer this term goes to Josh Giles-Wilson. Well done!!

Dance Club        
Dance Club is for all children from phase 3 and takes place in the Performing Arts Room every Tuesday lunch time between 12.45 – 1.30. The club have choreographed a number of dances to a wide range of music, including musicals, country and western, and modern pop music. These dances have been huge successes in performances such as the Festival for Performing Arts, and of course our Christmas Concerts. Please see Mrs Mencarini or Miss Lamble should you like to join.